2024 Prize Winner


Congratulations to the Giuliano Grassi Prize 2024 Winner:

Y.B Ramakrishna

Former Chairman - Working group on Biofuels, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

An Electronics Engineer by training had an illustrious career in Research, Marketing and business development. His journey on environment protection and Alternative Energy started in 1986 and is now completely devoted to the Bio Energy program. He Chaired the Task force on Biofuels in Karnataka. He later was made the Chairman of Karnataka State Biofuel development Board with the rank of a Minister.  He was instrumental in setting up 30 Biofuel information & demonstration centers in the state of karnataka. He engaged over 400,000 farmers to plant and nurture over 45 Million tree based oil seed species in the state of Karnataka and was the architect of the Karnataka state Biofuel policy.

He was appointed as advisor to the Government of India on Biofuels in 2014 and appointed Chairman of the Working group on Biofuels by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural gas; Government of India in 2015. He has been instrumental in drafting the Indian “National Biofuel Policy 2018” and many Biofuel initiatives in India. He has also played a catalytic role in the formation of Indo–EU cooperation in Advanced Biofuels and in the formation of the Biofuture platform. Partner in BEST Associates (Bio Energy for Sustainable transformation) founded in Feb 2021. He has been serving the Industry as an advisor to Indian federation of Green Energy (IFGE) and is the Chairman of the  IFGE CBG Producers Forum. He is also the founder Co-Chairman of the Low Carbon Biofuel Forum.

Y.B Ramakrishna diploma

Previous Winners

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Schermata 2023-03-28 alle 16.04.16


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The Giuliano Grassi Excellence in Biomass Industrial Deployment Prize is named in honour of Mr. Giuliano Grassi who contributed his lifetime in the market deployment of biomass and the creation of the European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA). It is an International Award to honour scientific, technical, or managerial merit in the market deployment of biomass industrial processes, attained over a long period of continuous achievements.


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