2022 Prize Winner

Schermata 2023-03-28 alle 16.04.16

René Venendaal

CEO BTG Biomass Technology Group b.v.,The Netherlands

René Venendaal is entrepreneur & pioneer in bioenergy, biofuels & biobased economy. Specialties: new business development & innovation, scenario development, policy development & implementation Mr. Venendall is a pioneer in the biomass fast pyrolysis technology. He started from early research till he was able to bring the technology into commercialization. Starting with a small SME and bringing a technology to the market is a real achievement.

Short biography

CEO BTG Biomass Technology Group Co-chair ETIP BioEnergy Co-chair SET Plan - IWG 8 Chair Cluster Biomass Feedstocks and Sustainable Energy (NL) Vice-chair BioEnergy - Dutch Association for Renewable Energy Chair Greenhouses Koekoekspolder Energy and CO2-neutral 2030 Co-founder and member European Advanced Biofuels Coalition (LSB).

Giuliano Grassi Prize 2022 Diploma - Firmato


The Giuliano Grassi Excellence in Biomass Industrial Deployment Prize is named in honour of Mr. Giuliano Grassi who contributed his lifetime in the market deployment of biomass and the creation of the European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA). It is an International Award to honour scientific, technical, or managerial merit in the market deployment of biomass industrial processes, attained over a long period of continuous achievements.


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